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03Aug09: Announce Mirrors & Smoke update: Co-author Ken Roy will discuss "Geoengineering to Fight Climate Change" at 67th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon aka Anticipation), Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

20Jul09: Post announcement of 40th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's small step.

12Jul09: Announce compatibility of Russians in Space v2.1 CD-ROM with Windows VistaTM after "The Other Side of the Space Race" presented at LibertyCon 22, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

04Oct07: Post announcement of 50th anniversary of Sputnik, and the Space Age (liftoff 1957 October 4 2228:34 Moscow Time)

01Jul05: Update Columbia accident lecture notes for Oak Ridge Philosophical Society.

14Sep04: Post Columbia accident lecture notes for ASME-Oak Ridge and East Tennessee sections.

31Mar04: Update analysis of ABM with ERW in LEO paper for Oak Ridge Philosophical Society and private briefings.

03Mar03: Post Ode to Uncle Joe.

20July02: Add British, French, and Chinese data to comprehensive list of nuclear weapons tests 1945 - present day. Nota bene: This is a very large file (over 100K).

18Jun02: Update analysis of ABM with ERW in LEO paper.

20May02: Post comprehensive list of nuclear weapons tests 1945 - present day.

10May02: Add numerous Cold War & nuclear test images to Soviet nuclear history page.

26Apr02: Post "back o' the envelope" engineering, military and economic analysis of tipping ABMs with neutron bombs.

05Apr02: Reorganize Soviet nuclear history page into 4 parallel timelines to provide context.

14Mar02: Put up list of most promising targets for an interstellar mission: based on the book by Stephen Dole, “Habitable Planets for Man”.

31Jan02: Post notes and slides for Spr Qtr 2002 ORICL lecture #1: “Dead Media through the Millennia”.

November 2001: Stanford, Cal Poly, et al lectures on Mirrors & Smoke & Other Shady Schemes.

11Sep01: Post-September 11 Threat papers.

25Jun01: Mirrors & Smoke appears in the Summer 2001 issue of Whole Earth Review.

22Mar01: Update and republishTo Yuri Koptev: A Modest Proposal on the eve of Mir's destruction.

12Feb01: Begin publishing Ultimax White Papers in reverse chrono order, starting with Ken Roy's Solar Sails: An Answer to Global Warming?.

24Jan01: Disaggregate catalogue of the outer planets' satellites.

12Dec00: Add Soviet Nuclear History page, catalogue of outer planet satellites.

27Sep00: Announce Privacy Policy - The Ultimax Group will never sell our customer list nor will we ever give out our customer's personal data (without a court order anyway).

05Dec99: Introduce Space Resource Page, a list of space-based assets for astronomy and astrophysics, topographic maps of the Red Planet, Mars, our sister planet, Venus, and our Moon are now interactive, containing links to major surface features and all American, Soviet and other nation's probes. Also added Mercury, Inner System and Outer System pages.

15May99: Introduce lapel pins and space commemoratives and our bundling deal.

15Dec98: Introduce space databases on diskette.

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