Souvenirs, Commemorative Medallions, Lapel Pins, and Miscellaneous Chachkas* to accompany your purchase of our other fine space-related products.
(*means "thingies" in Russian)

Gold anodized coin, 40 mm diameter, reverse side shown here, obverse on Home Page. Issued by the Moscow Space Museum to commemorate the successful maiden (and only) flight of Buran to space and back on autopilot on November 15, 1988. Bas relief of Buran obverse, hologram of Buran on reverse. For a high resolution view of both sides (about 72K), click here. OUT OF STOCK

Consider wearing this item from the Paris Air Show at Le Bourget, a large rectangular lapel pin (about 50 mm x 30 mm), made when there was still a Soviet Union. Deep clear red & solid white enamel cloisonned over brass substrate. Two styles, with Eiffel Tower or with Buran/CCCP. For a high resolution view of both pins (about 108K), click here. Impress your friends! US$5.00 inc. shipping & handling.

Large two-part polygonal lapel pin (anchor pin with pendant on chain) issued by GMIK to commemorate Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky (1857-1935), considered by most space professionals to be the father of space travel. Green & blue cloisonned over brass. For a high resolution view (about 40K), click here. US$5.00 inc. shipping & handling.

Medium size (approx. 15 mm dia) lapel pins to commemorate Buran's flight. Two styles. Round red & blue, or oblong red, both cloisonned over brass. Prominent hammer and sickle with "CCCP" on second pin. For a high resolution view of both pins (about 96K), click here. US$2.50 inc. shipping & handling.

Small (approx. 13 mm) lapel pins to commemorate Buran's flight. All brass with black infill. US$1.50 inc. shipping & handling.

Oval aluminum key fob or dog tag (approx 50 mm x 25 mm) with bas relief of Buran spaceplane stamped on front. Serial number on reverse. US$1.50 inc. shipping & handling.

  • The following society members will receive a 10% discount: Planetary Society, National Space Society, and ORION Product ordering information
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