Product ordering and upgrade information
Russians in Space v2.1 CD-ROM (English language for Windows & Mac)
Russians in Space v2.0 CD-ROM (Russian language for Windows only)
Bolshoi Bundle o' Soviet Space various media, book, CD, poster
James Harford's Korolev (hardcover, 392 pages, autographed by the author)
Dennis Newkirk's Almanac of Soviet Manned Space Flight (hardcover, 391 pages)
Lunar Eclipse Software's Return to the Moon v2.0, CD-ROM for Windows only SORRY, THIS ITEM IS OUT OF PRINT
Space Databases technical databases about the world's space launches, imaging satellites, comsat constellations, rockets, and spaceports
Rockets of the World a 22 x 34 inch full color poster of over 150 famous rockets at 1:300 scale
Half Lives: History of the Nuclear Age (VHS video) SORRY, THIS ITEM IS OUT OF PRINT
Space in Miniature: a series of monographs on scale modeling spacecraft by Mike Mackowski PLEASE CONTACT MIKE MACKOWSKI DIRECTLY
Souvenirs, and
Commemoratives: medallions, lapel pins and other space chachkas to accompany your purchase of books and software
Zubrovka Vodka an aromatic East European specialty flavored vodka CALL FOR AVAILABILTY
Exotic Architectural Stones (samples will be available for viewing someday, but not today)

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