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Robert G. Kennedy III, P.E.

112 Mason Lane
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830-8631
voice (865) 483-7097; fax (865) 483-6317
toll free in Canada and USA (800) and (888) ULTIMAX

Registered Professional Engineer (Mechanical Practice), Calif. Lic. #M27364, exp. 30Jun2019
Registered Professional Engineer, Tenn. Lic. #023348, exp. 31Dec2018


I am experienced and well prepared for challenging, stimulating positions with career tracks in any of the following:
• Design and Implementation of Renewable Energy Systems, and Geoengineering
• Design and Implementation of Space-Based Systems
• Sovietology, Strategic Studies and International Affairs
• Design and Implementation of Robotic Systems for Military, Nuclear or Industrial Applications
• Online / Network Security Analysis and Threat Assessment


• Unix (Solaris), Macintosh (6.x-10.2), Windows (3.1, 95, NT, XP); Perl, Java, JavaScript, ASP, HTML & XML, SQL (92), C++, Fortran IV/77, BASIC, CommonLISP, assembler, voder, barcode 39, various microcodes.
• Read, write and speak Russian and Latin languages, and (some) Arabic and Greek.

• Published writer, artist, web coder and public speaker.
• Inventor: TetraGenerationTM trademark; U.S. Patent & Trademark Office #77/746,647, design mark granted 15 June 2010.
• Knowledge and hands-on training on basic manufacturing machinery and processes including horizontal lathes, CNC & manual milling machines; metal forming, welding, & grinding; and electronic breadboarding & brassboarding. Energy audits and HVAC design & installation.
• Proficient with numerous office automation tools including desktop publishing, computer graphics, Website design, video/multimedia production and CD-ROM manufacturing. Networking, debugging, basic 110 VAC hardware installation, domestic robot diagnosis & repair.
• Skilled in basic bookkeeping and accounting, including balance sheets, P/L statements, net present value estimation, full lifecycle cost analysis, and local, state, and federal tax preparation and filing for individuals, partnerships, non-profits and for-profit corporations.
• Experience on 3-D CAD/CAM/CAE tools such as SDRC I-DEAS 5.0, Unigraphics II, and ProEngineer v14-19.
• Completely rebuilt 2 automotive drivetrains from radiator to differential (1971 Mustang with 351 c.i.d. Cleveland V-8 engine and 1971 Riviera with 455 c.i.d. engine).
• Experience with heavy construction equipment e.g. Bobcat bulldozer/loader, jackhammer, automatic demolition hammers. Skilled with stonemasonry, carpentry (framing & finish), and fine woodworking.
• Assisted in design, construction, and operation of 4.5-meter steel radiotelescope. Designed optical robotic telescope facility.


• Advanced Robot Dynamics (Cal Poly)
• MCAE w/ SDRC I-Deas 5.0 (Cal Poly)
• General Systems Theory I & II (Cal Poly)
• Russian Business Culture (USDA)
• ProEngineer v14-19 (self study)
• Nuclear Engineering (self study)
• Orbital Mechanics (self study)
• Optical & Radioastronomy (self study)

California State University, San Bernardino

• Science, Technology, & Warfare
• Strategic Systems & Thought
• Alliance Strategy
• Operations Research
• Seminar in the Sociology of Terrorism

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

• Machine Design, Controls & Robotics
• Human Factors/Ergonomics
• Optical Physics
• CAD/CNC/Metalworking Labs
• Quantitative Analysis
• Russian I, II, and III
• 28 credits of Soviet Studies
Senior Project: “Development of a Crystalline Optically Encoded Locking Device”


THE ULTIMAX GROUP, INC.; Oak Ridge, TN Mar 92-present
Founder & President

Ongoing from 2001-present: Continued independent research, analysis, design, and publication re:
- infrastructure and other Threat scenarios;
- climate change, natural disaster and recovery studies;
- pandemic modeling and historical studies of infectious disease;
- military affairs including ERW-tipped antiballistic missile defense and antisatellite studies;
- shell worlds;
- energy parks;
- counterproliferation;
- Soviet military history.

Invited as guest of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Federal Hydrometeorological Service ("Rosgidromet") to give lecture, “Dyson Dots: Changing the Solar Constant to a Variable with PV Lightsails”, at international scientific conference, “Problems of Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC-2011)”, Moscow, Russia, November 8, 2011.

Co-organized and sponsored First Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 29 Nov 2011.

2007-present: Systems engineering consulting on energy-efficiency and renewable resource policy and business development at the local, state, regional and national levels for Tetra Tech. Work includes energy audits, conceptual design of alternative energy systems and green remediation at U.S. Air Force bases across the country as well as renewable components of asset management/urban brownfield redevelopment. Built proprietary economic models from scratch for full lifecycle cost analysis of renewable polygeneration systems. Proposal success rate: 50 percent (10 out of 20). Current and recent work:
- Conceptual systems analysis, mechanical design and component vendor selection for state-of-the-art proprietary carbon capture and sequestration system for confidential client.
- Three full siting studies for ~6,000 megawatt-electric (MWe) solar power complexes on public State lands in Arizona. Considerations include generating technologies, land use, terrain features/topographic constraints, watercourses, infrastructure and roads, transmission corridors/ voltages/substations, interconnect/queuing issues, and access to power markets.
- Critical issues and preliminary transmission analysis for ~4,000 MWe photovoltaic complex on "checkerboarded" tribal lands in New Mexico; currently following up with full study.
- Conceptual structure design and economic evaluation of 200 MWe state-of-the-art solar chimney (hybrid thermal-wind system) in Arizona.
- Economic appraisal of public water resources/well infrastructure in Arizona, avoiding $300K-plus in planned capital acquisition cost for ratepayers.
- Energy audit plus renewable resource assessment for 3 million square feet of facilities at Buckley Air Force Base in Colorado, yielding $58K utility rebate and ~$200K savings.
- Feasibility study and conceptual design of $7 million, 3-megawatt-thermal (MWt) woody biomass-fired trigeneration plant for ~500,000-square-foot regional hospital in rural Virginia including investment-grade pro forma, showing approximately 19 percent pre-tax internal rate of return.
- Reviewed Environmental Impact Statements for Global Nuclear Energy Partnership and Nuclear Complex Transformation.
- Arranged Tetra Tech's participation in 1st Southeast Solar Summit, 24-26 Oct 2007, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).
Invented TetraGenerationTM trademark; U.S. Patent & Trademark Office #77/746,647, design mark granted 15 June 2010.

Appointed by Oak Ridge City Council in March 2008 (and reelected 19 Dec 2011) to Environmental Advisory Quality Board, and elected vice-chair by Board, to write green policy for City. Initiated policy process, and saw through to successful votes by Council:
- 18 February 2008 decision to approve and grid-tie up to 5.15 MWe of solar/wind power;
- March 2009 vote to convert City to single-stream-recycling-with-rewards (the first city to do so in the southeastern United States);
- September 2009 adoption of aggressive 80-percent-by-2050 greenhouse gas reduction targets by City;
- December 2010 Climate Action Plan, including Dark Skies-compliant street lighting plan;
- Reconfigured site plan of 40-unit showcase development of workforce housing to optimize utilization of solar energy, first in the southeastern United States; and
- Developed sophisticated (or "quick & dirty" as required) economic models to support all these initiatives, wrote articles, and delivered many public lectures on green energy, sustainability, and security to numerous civic, technical, and policymaking groups across the United States.

Since Apr 2008, volunteer on the national Energy Committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers tasked with writing the White Paper on Transportation, as well as "Energy Talking Points" series, for presentation to the 111th and 112th Congresses of the United States. Briefed U.S. Department of Energy, Congressional staff, and legislators on President's FY11 Budget Request. Participated in public policy symposium with President's Science Advisor.

As web security consultant from November 1999 - 2006, first for then-Pilot Network Services (now Ironwood Security), I assessed threats, exploits and vulnerabilities in 2.4+ million lines of highly heterogeneous source code for Fortune 500 secure e-commerce applications. Developed heuristic tools for automated analysis implemented in Perl.

2001: Co-invented geoengineering technique for space-based solar shading & power generation.

1999: Co-invented space-based display technique (patent pending): “Method and Apparatus for Low Earth Orbit Video Broadcast System” (Jepsen, M.L., Kennedy, R.G., Johnson, S.R., 1998 et. seq.).

1997-present: Published, manufactured, marketed, and distributed 40th Sputnik Anniversary Soviet Space Program CD-ROM in North America. Managed project with 6 Americans & 3 Russians in 4 cities on 2 continents across 11 time zones. Negotiated and executed international imagery license deals for online & broadcast media, stage, and film in several countries.

1996-97: During consultation with Signet Assurance & Simple Access LLC, co-invented secure optoelectronic authentication device (patent pending): “Self-Aligning, Locking, Electrically Contactless Connector for Signal and Power Transmission” (Hughes, E., Kennedy, R.G., 1999 et. seq.).

1996: Organized and executed national commemoration for 50th anniversary of first shipment of artificial radioisotopes for peaceful purposes.

1995-96: Consulted with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and international NGOs on humanitarian demining.

1993-95: Developed next generation battlefield logistical robotics for US Army PM-AMMOLOG.

1993: As subcontractor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, devised 10 different novel triaxial and higher order robot wrists for advanced nuclear fuel reprocessing servomanipulator, including family of biomorphic “infinite” degree of freedom flexible wrists utilizing “smart materials”. Advanced conceptual design of transplutonium isotope production facility in core of US$2.9 billion, 330 MW(f) Advanced Neutron Source (ANS) reactor. [Images: B/W schematic or full-color] These rods were designed to produce californium (252Cf) in gram quantities as well as einsteinium (254Es) and fermium (257Fm) while dissipating a specific heat load of 2 kilowatts per gram.

founding-present: Organized Russian-American trading company, “Double Eagle Enterprises”, to import Russian vodka, architectural stone, and multimedia.

1992: Performed independent assessment of the proposed robotic nuclear refueling and maintenance system for ANS. Independently discovered transcriticality in heavy water flow regime.

UNITED STATES CONGRESS; Washington, DC Jan 94-Jan 95
1994 Congressional Fellow

Nationwide competitive Congressional Fellowship sponsored by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (125,000 members). Worked for U. S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Space. Developed legislation, wrote White Papers, advised Members on space and technology issues (Space Station, Milstar, commercial remote sensing, and civil/military convergence), organized hearings, and prepared expert witnesses. Instrumental in the evolution of Presidential Decision Directive 23: Commercial Remote Sensing Policy. Participated in First Interstellar Robotics Conference at NYU. Technical consultant on Deep Impact (Paramount/Dreamworks major motion picture released May 8, 1998).

DOUGLAS AIRCRAFT COMPANY; (now a division of Boeing); Long Beach, CA Apr 87-Aug 91
Senior Manufacturing Systems Engineer

As Technical Lead on large 12-axis, $10.5M robotic surface preparation/painting system to camouflage C-17 Globemaster military jet transport, I saw project through to successful 8-axis prototype demo. Invented various devices for same. Developed innovative financial model to calculate payoff of increased factory-wide throughput due to robotized painting. Elected Team Leader by peers for confidential co-development project with IBM. External publications.
Initiated hand tool retrofit project to mitigate “carpal tunnel syndrome” among assembly personnel. Analyzed chromic acid anodizing process and emissions; recommended dual-track corrective action to consolidate tanks while developing benign substitute for hexavalent chromium. Instrumental in preparation of 1988 and 1989 Facilities capital budgets and forecasts. Developed and beta-tested economic analysis software. Applied group technology software to support state-of-the-art FMS at the Torrance facility. Researched deburring with Cincinnati Milacron T3 robot arm. Company training in knowledge engineering. Many internal publications. Hired in as Associate Manufacturing Engineer with rapid promotions.

Technical Associate III

Selected for paid summer research internship in artificial intelligence. Conducted research and built applications for microcomputer-based expert system development shells. Participated in the 1st “Synthetic Life” Conference at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Worked with CommonLISP, Prolog, C, & Turbo-Pascal. Presented and published several papers on related subjects over the next year.

Experience in College

PRIORITY SYSTEMS, INC.; City of Industry, CA Dec 84-Mar 86
Engineering Assistant/Draftsman

Prepared detailed assembly drawings and sales layouts of automated powder/fluid handling systems from oral instructions or rough sketches. Worked with programmable controllers using ladder diagrams. Minimized material use and identified potential installation problems in office and field. Complimented by company president for unusually high success of proposals.

Officer Cadet

Led unit of 53 men & women for a day. Achieved proficiency in land navigation, modern weapons, small unit tactics, and communications. Marksman, 1st class grenadier, passed Ranger swim test.

Architectural Design Draftsman

Designed several models of large 4400 ft2 homes for elegance, privacy, and livability. 3 models were built and quickly sold for $155,000 (1983 dollars) per unit. Significantly modified/adapted designs for the construction of 4 mixed-use industrial parks, completed and built in 1984. Complimented by company management and awarded scholarship for quality of work.


• Inaugural First Annual J.A. Falcon Award and Address by the national Energy Committee of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in Anaheim CA, 28 Jul 2012.
• Invited as guest of Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Federal Hydrometeorological Service ("Rosgidromet") to give lecture, “Dyson Dots: Changing the Solar Constant to a Variable with PV Lightsails”, at international scientific conference, “Problems of Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC-2011)”, Moscow, Russia, November 8, 2011.
• Awarded the Robert T. Simmons 2007 Leadership Award by the Engineering & Technology Management Group of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers in Washington DC, 19 Oct 2007.
Order of the Engineer, 2003.
• Nominated as Associate Member of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society
• Successfully worked with State Legislature to reform Tennessee's professional engineering registration laws.
• Made the Russian national television news evening broadcast from Moscow on October 4, 1997.
• 1994 ASME Congressional Fellow
• Voted 1991 International Young Engineer of the Year by SME/Robotics International.
• Perfect score (800V/800M) on Graduate Record Exam (GRE - December 1986).
• Dean's List Winter Quarter, 1986
• Won “Best Editorial Cartoon-1984” category, from California Intercollegiate Press Association. [See toon1 or toon2]
• National Merit Scholar, 1977
• Traveled, lived, and worked overseas for years.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers,
national Energy Committee Member 2007-present;
Technology & Society Division; Secretary/Treasurer 2003-2004; Vice-chairman 2004-2005, Chairman 2005-2006, (~6000 members)
Oak Ridge Section; Chairman 1998-2003; Treasurer 2003-2006 (150 members, $2K budget)
1994 Congressional Fellow, Adjunct Board Member Board on Government Relations 1994-1997
Orange County Section; Board Member and Newsletter Editor, 1989-1991 (~400 members)
Associate Member, 2003, Oak Ridge chapter of Sigma Xi
Member, 2001-2002, DoE Land Use Focus Group
Friends of Oak Ridge National Laboratory
President, 2000-2002; Vice President, 1999-2000 (180 members, $10K budget)
Robotics International group of the Society for Manufacturing Engineers
Chairman 1990-1991, Los Angeles senior chapter #27 (~1300 members, $10K budget)
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers,
Society for the Social Implications of Technology (division); member 1989-1991;
Oak Ridge Section; member 1991
Oak Ridge Isochronous Observation Network (ORION), Inc.
Chairman and Newsletter Editor, 1992-1999; President, 2004-2007
Wolfpack Investors Club, 1992-present
President, Secretary, Treasurer.

Vice-chairman, Environmental Quality Advisory Board (EQAB), City of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Member, March 2008-present. Co-authored City's Climate Action Plan.
• Assisted in design, construction, and operation of 4.5-meter steel radiotelescope. Designed optical robotic telescope facility.
• Helped to remove Orwellian-misnamed S.B. 2603 “Junk Fax Protection Act of 2004” from the non-controversial calendar in the U.S. Senate, thereby defeating the bill.
• As invited community representative on Department of Energy Land Use Focus Group from 2001-2002, helped set aside ~3000 acres of forest on the Oak Ridge Reservation into permanently monitored conservation status; land transfer signed by top DoE officials and Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist (R) on 20 Dec 2002.
• Appointed Technical Chairman, Tennessee's Technology Conference Spring 2000 (formerly WATTec)
Science judge for Tennessee Science Bowl, 1999 & 2000
• Organized/executed $5K fundraiser for Friends of ORNL, winning Society for Technical Communication Merit in Art award for commemorative cachet
• Set design and construction for Oak Ridge Civic Ballet productions of Coppélia, Nutcracker, La Fille Mal Gardée, Cinderella, Masquerade, From Fairy Tale to Fairy Tale.


Over 2000 cross-indexed, continuously updated, legislative & executive branch (international/federal/local), professional (industrial/business/media), and academic contacts.


• Kennedy, Robert G., Kenneth I, Roy, David E. Fields and Eric Hughes, “Chapter 14: Mitigating Global Warming Using Ground-Based (Terrestrial) Geoengineering”, and “Chapter 15: Mitigating Global Warming Using Space-Based Geoengineering”, in Les Johnson & Greg Matloff, Paradise Regained: Regreening the Earth, 2nd edition, chapters 14 and 15, (Springer, New York: in press, expected late 2013).
• Robert G. Kennedy III, Eric Hughes, Kenneth I. Roy, and David E. Fields, “Dyson Dots & Geoengineering: the Killer App Ad Astra”, TVIW2013 Special Issue of the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, (in press, publication expected by December 2013).
• Bart Leahy, Les Johnson, and Robert Kennedy III, “Long-Term Thinking: The Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop”, Ad Astra, Summer 2013, pp.42-43.
Robert G. Kennedy, Kenneth I. Roy, & David E. Fields, “Dyson Dots: Changing the Solar Constant to a Variable with PV Lightsails”, Acta Astronautica, volume 82, issue 2, February 2013, pages 225 - 237, available online 15 November 2012, ISSN 0094-5765, doi: 10.1016/j.actaastro.2012.10.022. Keywords: geoengineering; climate change; Lagrangian point; non-Keplerian; photovoltaic solar sail; radiation-levitated orbit
• Kenneth I. Roy, Robert G. Kennedy, & David E. Fields, “Shell Worlds”, Acta Astronautica, volume 82, issue 2, February 2013, pages 238 - 245, available online 2 October 2012, ISSN 0094-5765, doi: 10.1016/j.actaastro.2012.08.034. Keywords: megastructures; space colonization-industrialization; circumstellar habitable zones; terraforming; extraterrestrial resources; SETI
• Robert G. Kennedy III (presented), “Dyson Dots: Geoengineering with Giant Photovoltaic Mirrors in Space”, award address at Energy Committee Colloquium II at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Power Conference / International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE), Anaheim, California, July 28-29, 2012.
• David E. Fields, Robert G. Kennedy, Kenneth I. Roy, Bogdan Vacaliuc, “Interplanetary radio transmission through serial ionospheric and material barriers”, Acta Astronautica, volume 82, issue 2, February 2013, pages 251 - 256, available online 6 July 2012, ISSN 0094-5765, doi: 10.1016/j.actaastro.2012.05.021. Keywords: SETI; ionospheric transmission; Jovian radiation; radio astronomy; Nikola Tesla; very low frequency
• Robert G. Kennedy III (presented), “Shell Worlds: Why SETI Criteria Should Expand”, presented at the First Annual Tennessee Valley Interstellar Workshop, Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 29 Nov 2011.
• Robert G. Kennedy III (presented invited lecture by the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Federal Hydrometeorological Service), “A New Reflection on Mirrors and Smoke”, in Investigation of Possibilities of Climate Stabilization Using New Technologies, Proceedings of International Scientific Conference “Problems of Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC-2011)”, Moscow, Russia, 7-9 November 2011, edited Yu. A. Izrael, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, A. G. Ryaboshapko, Dr. Sci. (Phys.-Math.), and S. A. Gromov, Cand. Sci. (Geogr.)., (Roshydromet, Moscow: 2012)
IBSN 978-5-904206-12-3
UDK 551.583:504.064.4
• Kenneth I. Roy, Robert G. Kennedy III, and David E. Fields, “Dyson Dots”, in Proceedings and as presented at the 7th Annual Symposium of the International Academy of Astronautics at Aosta, Italy, July 10-13, 2011. Full article published in Acta Astronautica, organization's journal, 15 November 2012. (see above).
• Kenneth I. Roy, Robert G. Kennedy III, and David E. Fields, “Shell Worlds”, in Proceedings and as presented at the 7th Annual Symposium of the International Academy of Astronautics at Aosta, Italy, July 10-13, 2011. Full article published in Acta Astronautica, organization's journal, 02 October 2012. (see above).
• David E. Fields, Robert G. Kennedy III, and Kenneth I. Roy, “Interplanetary Radio Transmission through Serial Ionospheric and Material Barriers”, in Proceedings and as presented at the 7th Annual Symposium of the International Academy of Astronautics at Aosta, Italy, July 10-13, 2011. Full article published in Acta Astronautica, organization's journal, 06 July 2012. (see above)
• Gimpel, Don; Joe Falcon, Mindy Grinnan, Phillip Grossweiler, Robert G. Kennedy III, Kenneth Kok, Richard Meeker, Steven Unikewicz, “Energy Talking Points Series, Paper #1: Three Prophetic Signs of the End of Oil Exports”, American Society of Mechanical Engineers national Energy Committee, February 3, 2011.
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• (lecture) “[Energy] Security and Sustainability in the Southeast”, presented at Stammtisch, Huntsville, Alabama, 28 September 2008
• (lecture) “Robert A. Heinlein’s Influence on Spaceflight”, presented at Remembering the Space Age: 50th Anniversary Conference , for NASA History Division/National Air & Space Museum at AAAS headquarters, Washington DC, 22 October 2007; and
“Chapter 16: Robert A. Heinlein’s Influence on Spaceflight”, Remembering the Space Age, NASA SP-2008-4703, ed. Steven Dick, NASA History Division, p. 341-352, 2008.
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“An Antiballistic Missile Tipped with ERW: Is it Feasible?”, lecture to joint meeting of American Society of Mechanical Engineers-Oak Ridge, American Nuclear Society, Sigma Xi, Friends of ORNL, 16 July 2003.
“Ode to Uncle Joe”, poem in original Russian, 03 March 2003.
“Dead Media through the Millennia”, ORICL lecture, 31 January 2002.
“Mirrors & Smoke, and Other Shady Schemes”, invited lecturer at Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium (EE380), 14 November 2001.
“Mirrors & Smoke: Changing the Solar Constant to a Solar Variable”, invited seminar at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona 02 November 2001.
“Mirrors & Smoke: Ameliorating Climate Change with Giant Solar Sails”, Whole Earth Review, Summer 2001
• “Anti-Venuforming Terra”, Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop at Asilomar, CA, 23 April 2001.
“To Yuri Koptev: A Modest Proposal”, http://www.ultimax.com/whitepapers/1999_3.html, 22 March 2001
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• “Why Iridium Failed”, lecture, Tennessee Technology Conference, 01 November 2000
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“The Physicist and the Chekist: 50 Years after the Red Bomb”, local lecture series, 11-29 August 1999.
World Space Data on diskette and the Web, 1995-2007
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• “Robert A. Heinlein: The Competent Man,” address to Library of Congress What-IF Forum, December 1994.
Dear Colleagues and remarks from the Floor by Members of Congress re: Roemer-Zimmer amendment to H.R. 4624, VA/HUD/IA Appropriations (Space Station), Congressional Record 29 June 1994.
• “Commercial Remote Sensing in the Post-Cold War Era”, IEEE at Asilomar, CA, April 1994.
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• “Surface Preparation and Painting of Very Large Airframes with the APPA Robot” for the annual McDonnell-Douglas Corporate R+D Coordination Meeting, May 1991 at Mesa, Arizona. MDC Confidential.
• “A Brief Examination of the Bias Phenomenon As Related to Ballistic Missile Targeting”, CSPU-Pomona, May 1990.
• “Telechirs and Virtual Reality: An Introduction to the Sensory Hardware of Cyberspace”, CSPU-Pomona, December 1989.
“Technological Threats to Civil Liberties”, presented to IEEE Computer Society at 15th Annual Asilomar Invitational Microcomputer Conference, April 1989. Douglas Management Paper #8282.
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• (illustrations) “The XM-1 Off the Drawing Board”, Command Voice, Tulane Univ. Army ROTC, vol.2, no.1, April 1980

Geoengineering is the Killer App Ad Astra (move slider to 2hr26min40sec) at Icarus Interstellar Starship Congress in Dallas, Texas, on 18Aug2013.
• presented invited geoengineering lecture “Dyson Dots” (move slider to about 2hr30min) to the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Federal Hydrometeorological Service at the International Scientific Conference “Problems of Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC-2011)”, in Moscow, Russia, 08Nov2011.
Soviet Star Wars picked up by Digg on 10Dec2010, and covered in Oak Ridge Observer on 14Jan2010.
• Briefed ABC News by request with scientific background, talking points, and artistic advice for Good Morning America re: “Mirrors & Smoke”, 27-30 January 2007.
• Webcast of “Mirrors & Smoke, and Other Shady Schemes” at Stanford University Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium (EE380), 14 November 2001.
• Produced, directed, and wrote CG animation “Mirrors & Smoke” to be utilized for Belgian television (RTBF) series Matiére Grise ("Grey Matter") September 2001.
• Live interview on Ziff-Davis Tech TV (international cable) re space stations Mir, ISS and Dennis Tito, 1145 PDT 02 May 2001.
• quoted in The New York Times, Science Section, p. D5, “My Fiji Souvenirs: Shells, Driftwood, Space Debris...” 24 April 2001.
• Briefed ABC News by request with scientific background and talking points, re: nonexistence of Iraqi antisatellite capability, December 1998.
• “OR’s Ultimax operates worldwide business”, The Oak Ridger, p.1, Oak Ridge, TN, 12 November 1998.
“Mike Odell’s Hour 25” on Pacifica Radio Network live 1 hour radio interview, KPFK Los Angeles 90.7FM, 2300 PST Friday, 03 October 1997 re: the 40th anniversary of Sputnik; and Vremya, Russian national television news, Saturday, 04 October 1997.
40th Anniversary of Sputnik Special Edition Russians in Space on hybrid CD-ROM (ISBN 1-58137-111-X); appeared on CNN December 1998, Discovery Channel December 1998, “What’s New” Popular Science February 1998, Astronomy January 1998, MicroTimes 24Nov97
• “Durham Son Defends Space Station”, The Transcript, p. 1, Dover, NH, 12 July 1994.
• “From science fiction to science”, Knoxville News-Sentinel, p. AC3, Knoxville, TN, 24 October 1993.
• “OR engineer will help Congress understand science”, The Oak Ridger, p. 3, Oak Ridge, TN, 09 September 1993.

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