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Obtaining Confidential White Papers from the Ultimax Group

You have selected a Confidential White Paper from the Ultimax Group, Inc. No machine readable form of this document exists on the public net. Confidential White Papers contain proprietary trade secrets of the Ultimax Group, Inc., and are made available at no cost for scholarly research only, subject to the following restrictions.

  1. Confidential White Papers are to be used for background reference only.
  2. While Confidential White Papers may be cited in print by title and author, no content whatsoever may be directly quoted.
  3. The recipient may not disseminate, loan, sell, or otherwise transfer Confidential White Papers to any other person or entity.
  4. Confidential White Papers may not be republished in whole or in part, neither scanned nor stored in any electronic medium, nor reproduced by any means, physical or electronic.
  5. The recipient is positively obliged to exercise reasonable care in the secure use and storage of these documents.
  6. When the recipient is finished with them, Confidential White Papers must be disposed of by a secure method, e.g. cross-shredding, burning, bonded disposal company.
  7. A copy of these conditions must remain appended to the front of the Confidential White Papers at all times.

To receive a hard copy for your individual use only, please send a written request on your organization's official letterhead to the fax number or U. S. mail address below. Any person requesting a Confidential White Paper hereby agrees to be bound by these conditions. Any fraudulent request, or other violation of these conditions will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, including, but not limited to, trade secret acts, federal mail and wire fraud statutes, etc.

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